Remain dedicated and loyal to the Principals

Your Principal has stated that they are dieting for a month.  You clean the bedroom and see that there are chips, soda, etc. under the bed.

Do you….

  1. Tell the Principal that you saw junk food under their bed and remind them that they are on a diet and cannot eat junk food?

  2. Clean the wrappers out from under the bed and don’t say anything?

  3. Offer to go buy more junk food for the Principal

  4. Show the other staff under the bed in an attempt to make the Principal more accountable


  1. The wisdom to understand the sensitive environment in which you work

When you started your House Management job the Principal was healthy.  He played golf on the weekends, basketball after dinner, and rode his bike every morning.  The Principals health started declining.  You suddenly find yourself as a caregiver.

Do you…

  1. Tell the Principal that you cannot work under these conditions

  2. Call the Principal’s daughter and discuss his health issues with her

  3. Continuing working as usual, adding caregiver to your responsibilities

  4. Demand a pay raise because this is over-and-above  of your job description

  1. Clearly communicating with the Principals

A special guest is coming to the Estate during the Holidays.  As the House Manager, you know how important it is that everything is set for the guest.  You know that there are last minute touches that need to be completed the day of guest arrival.  You discuss the details with the Principal.  The Principal is aware that you will be at the house that day.  You come to the Estate as planned.  The Principal comes out of the bedroom and starts yelling at you to get out of the house, why are you here?

Do you…

  1. Apologize to the Principal and leave the Estate

  2. Ignore the Principal and continue your job duties

  3. Get in the Principals face and tell him/her that they is wrong

  4. Ask the Principal what they would like for you to do


  1. Respecting the privacy of the Principals

You are having dinner with a friend.  You see your Principals friends “Marie and Tom” out at the restaurant. 

Do you…

  1. Ignore Marie and Tom when you walk by you

  2. Walk up to Marie and Tom and carry on a conversation

  3. Ask if you can sit and have dinner with them

  4. Nod your head in acknowledgement when you walk past their table. 


  1. Maintaining appropriate relationships and boundaries

The Principals have asked you to stay at the Estate while they are out of town.  You were not given any rules for your stay.  You know that after the hard day that you have had you just want to relax such as have a glass of wine and a swim.

Do you…


  1. Call the Principal and ask if it is ok to take a swim in their pool

  2. Assume that it is ok to swim in their pool because the last House Manager told you that they did all the time

  3. Call a couple of friends to come over and enjoy the Estate with you

  4. Go to the guest room and watch TV or read and enjoy a glass of wine there


  1. Keeping the home protected, safe and secure

You have the ability to see what is going on at the Estate when you are not working and away from the Estate.  The company that owns the estate has put a camera security system app on your phone.  You are able to see around property when you are at home as a measure of security and to be abreast of what’s going on there. 

Do you …

  1. Show your friends your phone so that they can see what is going on at the Estate

  2. Sit and watch the phone at all times to keep the property safe

  3. Keep tabs on the property periodically as a security and safety measure

  4. Not look at the security app at all because it is your personal time


  1. You have been asked to take an inventory of all of the alcohol at the Estate.  You notice that some of the alcohol is missing.

Do you…

A. Say nothing to the Principals and “fudge” the numbers on the inventory list

B. Ask all of the staff if they took any of the alcohol or know who might have

C. Bring the issue up to the Principals and ask what they would like to do about it

D. Wait until the Principals say something and try to explain why you didn’t notify them immediately

  1. The leadership role as the House Manager gives you the authority to deal with employee situations as needed when an issue occurs. One of the housekeepers is not fully doing their job and feels that they are “in with the Principal” and they are “untouchable and immune” to disciplinary action


Do you…

  1. Bring the employee into your office to discuss their performance

  2. Discuss the situation with other employees, complaining that “I feel powerless” to do anything because the Principal will defend them and possibly fire me instead

  3. Ask to speak with the Principal about the employee and bring written examples of their performance to defend the allegations

  4. Call the HR Director at the corporate office who actually employs everyone at the Estate to discuss the matter before speaking with the Principal

  1. After a week of entertaining and hosting very important guests at the Estate the Principals ask you to sit down with them at the dinner table


Do you…

  1. Tell them you know it is not appropriate to sit with the Principals or guests

  2. Ask the Principals “why?”

  3. Just sit with them because they asked you to

  4. Tell them “no, I’d rather not”

  1. Your Principal is a very elderly person and your responsibilities include being a caregiver. The Principal will not go to bed when it is time as he is being stubborn and belligerent


Do you…

  1. Be forceful in how you speak to the Principal and insist they go to bed

  2. Speak calmly and tell them you will check back in a little while hoping they will be ready and willing to go to bed

  3. Tell them if they insist on not going to bed, you will provide a blanket and pillow for them to sleep where they are and you will stay there with them for security purposes

  4. Turn the A/C down very cold and “accidentally” spill water on them so it is very uncomfortable for them and they are “forced” to go to bed and change out of the wet clothes